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Holly Stevens facial on her glasses

Beautiful, blonde and intelligent: it seems like Hollie really has everything! But while she makes it all seem effortless it really hasn’t come to her easily. Being smart ain’t easy business; Hollie’s spent endless hours in the library, combing over ancient tomes in the hopes of getting her doctorate. And, while she would never say it out loud, being beautiful can be hard work, too. Hollie has to get up hours before she has to be in class. There’s aerobics and yoga to stay in shape, the carefully calculated diet regimen, and most importantly, the time put Hollie puts in to make sure that her hair and make-up are put together like a boss. So much time and effort before she even steps out of her house in the morning. All she asks is that now and then she’s rewarded for all of her hard work. All Hollie wants is a guy that’s going to give her what she needs in order to be completely beautiful: a thick load of spunk blasted across her glasses. See more glasses covered in cum!

Teen Ariel Rebel wearing fake Harry Potter glasses

Teen Ariel Rebel looks really cute wearing these big round framed Harry Potter looking eyeglasses though without lenses they do almost look comical.  Luckily Ariel knows how to distract from the details, posing topless with her perky small tits exposed and even spreading her pussy lips so you can peer deep into her pink interior!  Enjoy more of Ariel Rebel at her personal website

Busty ethnic girl fucked

Wow look at the big natural tits on this ethnic black girl!  She looks super hot in these free pictures and if you want video of her getting fucked click here.  This busty amateur babe developed early and has learned to use her big boobs to maximum effect when having sex.  Her glasses on her face just make her look a little smarter, not quite ghetto bootyish.  But when she starts titty fucking your cock with those big knockers and her face is smiling behind the glasses you know this chick loves dick!

Female inmate gives blowjob

Here’s a free video stolen from a prison featuring a female inmate and a drunk guard having blowjob and sex.  This bad bitch has glasses and is reading in her jail cell when her captor guard comes to check on her after he’s been drinking on duty.  The guard gets aroused looking at this hottie with the specs so he offers her some beer if she suck his dick and let him fuck her.  Lucky for him she was bored anyways (being in prisons not much fun).  This latina slut blows his cock and rides him like a true skank.  Watch her bouncing on his dick with her glasses sliding down her nose.  See more of this video and many others with cum covered specs

Catie Minx studying on her laptop outdoors

Catie Minx was trying to catch some sunlight and study a bit on her laptop computer outdoors.  She had to wearing her reading glasses to study the online notes except she got distracted by some porn popups on her screen… naughty Catie Minx gets aroused so easily and she loves to be outside naked so instead of studying she strips off her stripped pink tank top and shorts showing her naturally perky tits and perfect butt.  Her meaty vagina lips are visible as she sits on her lawn chair enjoying the sun on her nude body.  She even bends over giving you a good view of her pale pink rosebud butthole!  Enjoy these free shots of Catie Minx and visit her site for more of her looking like a nerd 😉

Janessa Brazil panty stuffing

Janessa Brazil doesn’t look like a babe that would wear glasses, with her big tits, Brazilian ass and fit body she looks like a model that should be perfect, a gift from God!  But alas she has poor eye sight and needs to wear glasses to see very well, lucky for us geek girl lovers this hottie should be an inspiration for all nerd girls to get big fake tits and workout until they look as hot as Janessa!  Here Janessa Brazil is feeling kinky so she takes off her pink panties and slowly stuffs them inside her pussy!  Once her pussy is full of panty she lets it soak up her cum juices and then pulls the panties out of her vagina and sucks on them tasting her own vaginal secretions.  It’s pretty kinky and shows that a girl wearing glasses can be just as hot and perverted as the other sex freaks.  Check out what else Janessa Brazil does on her personal website

Hipster Anna Mills in vintage specs

Hipster coffee barista Anna Mills wears vintage glasses to work, she doesn’t need the specs to see but thinks they make her look cooler and more urban.  Of course the guys don’t really care, they just want to fuck her petite teen body and blow their loads all over her face.  Anna finally gives in and goes on a date with a cute older customer.  She gets a little drunk and decides she might let him feel her up a bit, being a hipster she thinks she is too cool for fucking on a first date but once she gets horny that hipster attitude turns into slut seeking cock mode!  Watch as she lets the guy fuck her hardcore and then give her a messy facial cumshot on her new vintage glasses, ha she didn’t expect that!  See more at babes with glasses

Sarah White in bra and panties

Sarah White is a real geek, she has a phd in psychology and wears glasses!  Of course she tries to  help people by offering naked counseling but really I think guys just want to private chat with her naked while she talks smart and looks hot.  See more of her even naked at her personal website Sarah White Modeling

Busty japanese babe sucks

Fuuka Takar has some decent sized boobs for a Japanese babe and here she is jerking a cock on them making the guy hard so she can slobber on his knob like the good cock sucking Japanese lady that she is.  Watch as she gives a sensual blowjob with her red lips matching her red framed eye glasses, I guess the glasses are so she can see the tiny dick she is sucking… haha japanese small dick joke!  Anyhow she gives a good enough blowjob to get a mouthful of sperm, if you like Japanese porn check this site