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Glasses girl fisting her pussy and ass

WOW look at this tiny teen girl wearing glasses and shoving her fist in her pussy and ass!! This is crazy she looks so innocent, meek and nerdy and then you see her cramming her entire fist into her vagina and her fingers in her tight asshole… amazing, I guess it is true that girls with glasses might look like smart girls but they can be just as perverted and crazy as the other girls!

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Busty babe Eva with glasses

Eva Angelina is a sexy gal that knows what she wants and what she wants is a mouth full of cum. She came to us through an ad Mr. Pounder placed in the news. Eva got all the cum she deserves, This cute brunette knows just the right amount of suction to apply to bring out the best in Dave’s cock When she bends over she gets an even better response from him in the form of a gooey load of cum on her Mouth.  Watch as she seductively peers over her glasses at his cock and then slides it deep in her mouth before she gets a full load.

Nerdy fitness girl Maggie Marx

Maggie Marx is a fitness nut but sometimes she has to study too, here she is being a bit nerdy wearing big frame glasses and studying her notes, topless but still hiding her tits behind hand bra’s. What a tease!! Enjoy that shot of her ass in those tight panties, really showing off her physique!

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Pigtails and Glasses

Sarah White usually looks like a real hottie but here she looks kind of like an amateur dork… I mean her hair is in braided pigtails and her big eyes are behind her reading glasses, dorky I say!  Even looking like a dork though Sarah is still pretty hot in her tight white undershirt with the spaghetti straps and her gray panties.  I’d fuck her and then make her do my homework, brilliant!

Alison Angel in aviator sunglasses

Blonde teen Alison Angel is ready to start a revolution wearing her military style cap and aviator sunglasses she is dressed to kill but I imagine any opponent she wants to fight with will give up and be her slave when she pulls out her natural boobies and flashes her pussy slit for them to see!

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Autumn Riley masturbates her pussy

Autumn Riley is wearing her glasses while working on her computer but she gets a glimpse of some erotica that gets her pussy wet and now she wants to pleasure herself, fuck working! Watch as Autumn Riley strips nude and masturbates right there in the office like a naughty girl 😉

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Little Nadia teasing in dress

Little Nadia looks really cute wearing her glasses and little lime green summer dress that she pulls up to flash her ass and drops the top to show her tits only she hides the nipples with her fingers! Don’t worry inside her site she gets naked and shows off everything.

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Slim teen Chloe strips naked

Slim dark hair nerd teen girl Lovely Chloe strips naked for you. Well she does keep her colorful stripped socks on and her glasses so she can see what is going on otherwise she is blind as a bat… of course a hot naked blind girl might be fun?!

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First time teen Kennedy in glasses strips casually

First time video teen girl Kennedy is trying to act casually as she strips nude for the first time on camera, flashing her tits and pussy outdoors while wearing her cute eye glasses and her blonde hair shining in the sunlight. She looks like a blonde bombshell but those glasses make her look more normal and approchable, of course seeing her squat over a cucumber and shove it in her pussy makes her look like any other horny teen girl…

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Busty blonde patient gets checkup with doc

This busty blonde babe is getting her annual physical exam at the doctors office.  Besides her bad eyesight needing glasses to correct she seems to be in good health, if a bit horny for her age.  This babe seduces the doctor as he tries to exam her breasts for cancer.  As she rubs his cock he gets hard looking at her big natural boobs and soon she is on her knees giving a blowjob to get him even harder.  Finally she decides the best vaginal exam she could get from him would be with his penis as his tool.  She loves getting fucked and moans with pleasure crying out for more and harder sex!  See her taking a full load of cum on her face