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Salina Ford in sunglasses

Sexy naughty Salina Ford wearing sunglasses and matching bikini on a crotch rocket ready to give you the ride of your life!

Realtor babe in glasses

Beautiful babe trying to sell you this house takes off her glasses and then strips off her blouse and skirt too, guess you need to test that bed!

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Big boob babe Rachel Stormsxxx

Rachel Stormsxxx looking like a hot babe in her reading glasses and green shirt that she unbuttons to expose her big tits.

Rachel Stormsxxx in glasses

Big titty beauty Rachel StormsXXX in glasses and PJ’s then stripping nude to show her boobies and pussy.

Busty babe in reading glasses

Miss Nicola has gone to the staff room for some quiet and to plan her next lesson, reading her notes wearing her glasses she gets a bit horny. However she is still feeling stressed after her last lesson with the Chavs, so to unwind she strips off all her cute little outfit and sexy black lingerie leaving her naked to climb around on the sofa. If this does not relax her I do not know what will!

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Head Mistress in glasses

Miss Elise’s promotion is official and she is now Deputy Headmistress. She has taken this promotion very seriously and will be using it to try and increase discipline. You can see her fondling her cane as she strips off her tight little suit revealing her black pantyhose, then strips off her sexy lingerie leaving her naked with pantyhose round her ankles.

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Busty blonde schoolgirl XO Gisele strips naked

Busty blonde babe XO Gisele loves to play dressup when she is having sex with her lover, here she is alone wearing her schoolgirl uniform complete with her blonde hair in braided pigtails, glasses on her face, white blouse, tie, and short plaid skirt. She even has a ruler ready to spank her naughty ass with! Gisele might look a bit old for school but lets pretend she attends an all girls college that requires the uniforms, and of course she has to wear the glasses so she can study in the library… See what other fantasies Gisele will fulfill for you!

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