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Teen Pattycake looking for sugardaddy

Do you want to be Sexy Pattycakes sugar daddy?  She barely looks legal in these pictures with her blonde hair pulled into pigtails, her cute cat eye glasses, tight yellow shirt and her red panties.  But don’t worry she is legal, I mean check out her big boobs!  As Pattycake tries to convince you to be her sugar daddy she leans forward to show her ample cleavage peeking out of the top of her lace bra and then she leans even further giving you a view of her big booty in matching red panties too. This girl is a guys wet dream and she loves to play dressup so she doesn’t always wear her eye glasses but if you ask nicely she might put them on for you and dress up as a naughty schoolgirl that you can spank…

Blonde teen waitress in cat eye glasses

Sexy Pattycake has been transported back in time to an old fashioned diner like Fonzy she looks cool and hot.  Pattycake is wearing an oldschool ankle length polka dot skirt, white blouse, red sweater and red cat eye glasses that match the decor.  Patty is a naughty girl hiking up her long skirt to flash her panties while she is sitting in a booth.  Not satisfied that she has gotten your attention she stands up and just pulls her dress all the way up so you get a full view of her red panty.  She quickly strips down to her lace bra and panties and you realize her entire outfit matches those sexy cat eye glasses she is wearing!  She leans against the juke box and gives it a bump to make it start playing as she wiggles her panty clad ass for your enjoyment.  See what else this cosplay blonde hottie Sexy Pattycake has in her wardrobe

Pattycake in cat eye glasses

Sexy blonde Pattycake is rocking old fashioned cat eye glasses on her face to compliment her sexy red dress, kind of a festive color for the holidays I suppose.  Pattycake looks super smart with these eye glasses on and she uses her look to tease like crazy, sucking on a lollipop like it’s a phallic toy and spreading her legs while she squats down to expose her pubic hair showing that she is not even wearing panties under her dress!  What a naughty girl Pattycake is!  She conceals her actually pussy slit but that glimpse of pubic hair on a hot blonde teen is enough to get me off especially as she stares back at me with her green eyes through her glasses!