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Katie Zane gives prof bj in glasses

Professor Magnum has called his student Katie Zane into his classroom after hours to tell her that she’s been tapped for an advanced, double-secret sign language group to which only a few select students belong. He shows her three suggestive signs, and tells her that they will only help her through the class and her future studies. When he asks her if she wants to practice, Katie nods and gets on her knees while her professor unleashes his hard cock, ready to go in her mouth!

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Tutor blows student

This college girl planned to tutor a student for some extra cash but he had other ideas.  Knowing dorky girls with glasses are usually shy and virgins this horny frat guy signed up for tutoring and lucky for him this geeky girl showed up wearing glasses and a tight white shirt showing off her natural titties.  She was so much of good girl she didn’t even realize what he was planning but she noticed his muscles and good looks.  He quickly convinces this straight A+ geek girl to let him play with her tits and from there we all know he got her naked and fucked her like she never had before.  The frat guy wanted to humiliate her a bit at the end of their fuck session because he doesn’t like smart girls with glasses so he blows his load on her face covering her glasses!