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Asian schoolgirl cosplay with glasses

Harriet Sugarcookie won an award for her Asian Schoolgirl Cosplay costume, complete with sexy glasses of course!

Chat with her live about cosplay

Nerdy Halloween witch wearing glasses

I think this pink haired teen witch has cast a spell on me with her glasses!

Blonde teen waitress in cat eye glasses

Sexy Pattycake has been transported back in time to an old fashioned diner like Fonzy she looks cool and hot.  Pattycake is wearing an oldschool ankle length polka dot skirt, white blouse, red sweater and red cat eye glasses that match the decor.  Patty is a naughty girl hiking up her long skirt to flash her panties while she is sitting in a booth.  Not satisfied that she has gotten your attention she stands up and just pulls her dress all the way up so you get a full view of her red panty.  She quickly strips down to her lace bra and panties and you realize her entire outfit matches those sexy cat eye glasses she is wearing!  She leans against the juke box and gives it a bump to make it start playing as she wiggles her panty clad ass for your enjoyment.  See what else this cosplay blonde hottie Sexy Pattycake has in her wardrobe

Wizardess Pattycake in Potter glasses

A female wizard is called an enchantress but Sexy Pattycake looks more like a hot blonde girl version of wizard Harry Potter, at least she has his eye glasses and a little wooden stick for casting spells.  Honestly I think Pattycake has had me under her spell for years, her big boobs are magical and the pussy slips seem to keep me mesmerized better then any potions!  Patty loves to cosplay with costumes and this one is a really hot number.  The brown dress/skirt barely covers her ass and the split down the top shows off a nice amount of cleavage.  Her cape gives her some cover after a spell goes wrong and her clothes disappear but don’t worry you get to see enough of her to think you’ve lost all control of your horny body.  See what else this enchantress does on her website Sexy Pattycake