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Redhead teacher strips for her female student

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My big titty teacher Charlie Elaine wears glasses and low cut blouses that let me see her cleavage and sometimes a nip slip!

Busty Ashlynn Leigh fucks teacher

Ashlynn Leigh stays after class to discuss with her professor what she’s going to do after graduation, when she enters the real world. Her teacher, Professor Sins, says he may be able to get her an internship somewhere. He offers her the best advice he possibly can and tells her that the best way to get ahead in life is to seduce men. The brunette student isn’t so sure, but she wants to make it in the real world so she gives her teacher a nice blowjob and, well, she gets ahead.

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Geeky science teacher in glasses

Nerdy hot science teacher in glasses teaching a class at St Mackenzies. She decides her class needs to learn anatomy so she strips off her short white lab coat and exposes her female body to the excited students. Wearing only her glasses her nude body looks amazing

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Busty babe in reading glasses

Miss Nicola has gone to the staff room for some quiet and to plan her next lesson, reading her notes wearing her glasses she gets a bit horny. However she is still feeling stressed after her last lesson with the Chavs, so to unwind she strips off all her cute little outfit and sexy black lingerie leaving her naked to climb around on the sofa. If this does not relax her I do not know what will!

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Blonde teacher in glasses

Meet our new history teacher Miss Abigail. She has settled in well and has joined the ranks of the few strict teachers at St Mackenzie’s. She will have you trembling in your boots as you watch her slip off her tight fitting red suit jacket and sexy lingerie, then she pulls up her skirt up and lies back on the desks with open legs.

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Sexy teacher student lesbians

Danielle is in a History lesson. Danielle is one of Miss Abigail’s favourite students and knowing this Danielle flirts with her hoping to get better grades. Miss cannot resist her charms as she peers at her over her glasses and brings Danielle to the front of class to strip her out of her tight uniform and lingerie, and as it gets heated Miss strips off her sexy red suit and lingerie too!

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Blonde teacher canes student

Naughty student Amy gets caned by her busty blonde teacher as she stares are her through glasses you can feel the sexual tension!

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Geek teacher tries to motivate student with oral sex

This horny geek teacher babe wants to motivate her dumbest student to study harder but she can’t figure out what reward to give him.  Finally she realizes despite her specs and dowdy teacher uniform this boy wants to fuck her tight pussy!  So she says if he passes his next exam he can fuck her and she will let him cum on her face and glasses… he got an A+

Teacher punishes her student in detention

Busty brunette teacher with glasses and ponytail is pissed at her stupid male student that is sleeping in detention.  She decides to teach him a lesson by stripping naked and torturing his cock repeatedly getting him close to orgasm and then stopping.  Giving him blowjobs she realizes she is getting horny herself and she wants him to fuck her pussy hard with his big teenage cock and then shoot a load of cum on her face coating her glasses with his sticky load.  This slutty teacher is probably going to get in trouble but she doesn’t care as long as her pussy gets an orgasm or two.