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MILF secretary gets facial

This MILF secretary stayed late to do inventory but the bosses son has other plans for her.  She looks hot reading the spreadsheets wearing old style reading glasses with the bifocals.  Turns out this horny milf doesn’t need much convincing when the stud starts kissing her ass she turns around and drops to her knee’s to blow him hard so that he can fuck her old pussy.  She takes a good fucking then finishes him off with a handjob that sprays cum all over her big glasses.  I suspect she will get a good bonus at the end of the year if she keeps taking loads on her face!  See more at cum on my glasses

Holly Stevens facial on her glasses

Beautiful, blonde and intelligent: it seems like Hollie really has everything! But while she makes it all seem effortless it really hasn’t come to her easily. Being smart ain’t easy business; Hollie’s spent endless hours in the library, combing over ancient tomes in the hopes of getting her doctorate. And, while she would never say it out loud, being beautiful can be hard work, too. Hollie has to get up hours before she has to be in class. There’s aerobics and yoga to stay in shape, the carefully calculated diet regimen, and most importantly, the time put Hollie puts in to make sure that her hair and make-up are put together like a boss. So much time and effort before she even steps out of her house in the morning. All she asks is that now and then she’s rewarded for all of her hard work. All Hollie wants is a guy that’s going to give her what she needs in order to be completely beautiful: a thick load of spunk blasted across her glasses. See more glasses covered in cum!